Notice to All Customers

In compliance with the USA Patriot Act, we are implementing a Customer Identification Program (CIP) under which we will be obtaining the following information about your identity:

  1. Name;
  2. For Individuals, date of birth;
  3. (i) For Individuals, residence and, if different, mailing address; or
    (ii) For persons other than individuals, such as corporations, partnerships, and trusts: principal place of business and if different, mailing address;
  4. (i) For U.S. persons, a U.S. taxpayer identification number (e.g., social security number, individual taxpayer identification number, or employer identification number); or
    (ii) For non-U.S. persons, one or more of the following: a U.S. taxpayer identification number; passport number and country of issuance; alien identification card number; or number and country of issuance of any other government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph or similar safeguard.