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Online Banking

Now you can bank with us anytime, anywhere with the "click of the mouse." Manage your finances from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to the Internet. No longer are you confined to traditional "banking hours." You can:

  • View account balances.
  • Get detailed transaction information
  • Download transactions to Quicken or Microsoft Money.
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Customize your own reports.

You can sign up online or stop by any of our branch locations.

Bill Pay

Pay all your bills online from the convenience of your home.

  • Utilities
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage Payment/Rent
  • Anyone you pay by check now

No more rushing to the post office to buy stamps. Just "click" your way through a few easy steps and you're ready to go.

Sign up now

Personal Reserve

Personal Reserve is an unsecured, revolving line of credit that provides overdraft protection on a customer's checking account. This service is subject to credit approval.

Customer Benefits:

  • Protection from overdraft charges
  • Credit can be used anytime.
  • Access to credit is convenient anytime simply by writing a check.
  • Repayment is automatic.
  • No application fee.

Interest Rate Calculations:

  • 18% Annual Percentage Rate


A minimum payment of $10.00 or 1/18th of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account on the date your statement is cycled.

Annual Fee:

$50.00 is collected in advance, and annually, thereafter, on the anniversary date of your agreement.

Statement Information:

Monthly itemized statements are part of the customer's checking account statement indicating:

  • Outstanding balance
  • Your payment amount
  • Any finance charge
  • Deposits and withdrawals to the account


Funds Management

Funds Management allows you to automatically transfer funds from one account to another when your balance falls below a predetermined level.

Client Benefits:

  • Protection from overdraft charges
  • Prevent your account balance from falling below a certain level
  • You establish the pre-determined amount to be used that will activate funds management.


  • $5.00 per transfer


Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of the BANKWEST OF KANSAS debit card. With our debit card there is no need to carry a checkbook or large amounts of cash. You can shop at bookstores, restaurants, gas stations, online or anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. Debit cards are more widely accepted than checks so it makes them perfect for travel. Each month you will see your transactions listed on your bank statement. Easy and convenient, so contact us today and ask us about the BANKWEST OF KANSAS Debit Card.

Tips for responsible debit card use

  • Choose a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Avoid obvious choices, such as your address, phone number, or birth date.
  • Keep your PIN private. Memorize it. Don't write it down, and never tell it to anyone.
  • Know your current account balance. Don't forget about checks that have not yet cleared your account.
  • Always take sales receipts and carbon copies. They may contain valuable information a thief could use to make purchases on your account via mail, phone, or the Internet.
  • Record your transactions in your check register as soon as possible. Remember to include any debit card fees that may apply. Then store your receipts safely in one place in case you need them later.
  • Review your statements carefully. If you suspect a mistake, call your financial institution immediately. And always follow up with a confirmation letter.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact your card issuer immediately by calling 877-226-2351 (877-CANCEL-1).  This reduces your liability if fraud losses occur

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