Tips for Email Safety

  1. Don't open emails from someone you don't know or trust. If it seems fishy, it probably is.  
  2. Avoid sending any sensitive information over email. When you send a message, you no longer have control over what is done with it or to whom it is forwarded. Common email scams employ email messages and even websites that look official, but are in fact attempts to steal your identity to commit fraud. This is the activity commonly known as phishing. Sensitive information such as passwords, bank account numbers and social security numbers should never be sent via email.
  3. Never open an attachment within an email from a company or person you don't know (or that you were not expecting). Attachments may contain viruses, which can seriously damage your computer. Drag these emails to your spam folder.
  4. Never reply to or click on links inside spam emails. Replying to, clicking on links within, or even unsubscribing from spam emails typically only informs the sender that they have found an active email address to which they'll send more spam emails. Instead, report the message as spam.
  5. Use a spam filter. Spam filters help you keep spam emails from your inbox or flag spam emails as such so that you are aware of them. Depending on the software and configuration some spam filters can automatically eliminate junk emails and block web bugs that track your activity and system information.
  6. Use anti-virus software. It is highly recommended that you install and maintain good and well-respected anti-virus software on your computer to prevent infection. Scan all email attachments with a virus program before downloading/executing any, even if they come from someone you know.
  7. Remember to log out/sign out, especially if you're using a public computer, such as at the library or an Internet cafe, and close the browser. It's quick, easy, and may save your account from unwanted trespassers.
  8. Change your password frequently and don't share it with anyone. It's recommended to change passwords at least every 60 days, particularly if you currently view and manage your email on a public computer. Use a mix of letters and numbers, as those passwords are harder to break. The password should not be easy to guess -- a common mistake is to use your name in the password or something generic such as "1234."  Never share your password with anyone.  
  9. Avoid unsolicited bulk mail. Unsolicited bulk email messages can fill up your mailbox and become extremely frustrating.  To avoid this predicament:
  • Don't give your email address to sites you don't trust.

  • Don't post your email address to public places online like message boards, comment boards, or even your personal website.

  • Keep your personal email private except from people that you really want to hear from. You can set up a second email account for registering for public Web sites.

  • Use an alternate email address when buying a product from a site for the first time or signing up for a new service



To report a lost or stolen debit card, please contact your local branch immediately to avoid unauthorized charges. 

After hours, please call 877-226-2351 (877-CANCEL-1). 



High Interest and Cash Back options available for personal accounts.  Learn more by clicking here.



BankWest of Kansas now offers Mobile Check Deposit as a free service on our mobile app.  The BankWest of Kansas mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play (for Android devices), the Apple Store (for iOS devices), or Amazon Appstore for Android (for Android devices).  The app is free to download, and Mobile Check Deposit can be used by individuals at no charge.  The mobile app can also be used to pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, and view balances and transactions.  Our mobile app also has Spanish language support available.  To enable this mode, change the language settings of your device to Spanish.

To deposit a check with our mobile app, you must include the following as an indorsement:

1) indorse the check on the back with your signature

2) include under your indorsement, "For mobile deposit only at BankWest of Kansas" and your account number to which the check is being deposited.

If you have any questions about how to use the mobile app or how to complete a Mobile Check Deposit transaction, please let us know at (785) 899-2342.





We are proud to be a locally owned and operated bank serving Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado for over 100 years. Our commitment is to provide personalized customer service with the latest banking products, services, and technology available. Our loan expertise covers agriculture, residential real estate, business, and consumer lending. We welcome you to look around our website and to come visit us at our bank.

BANKWEST OF KANSAS will NEVER initiate email or internet requests requiring customers to respond with personal information. Any requests for personal information received through email, web sites, or pop-up windows should be considered fraudulent and reported to us immediately. If you receive an email asking for your account information (ID, password, card number, etc.), DO NOT respond! If you have already given out your bank account information, report the theft of this information to the bank as quickly as possible by calling (785) 899-2342.

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